Studio Cortina Robbins | San Francisco Bay Area LEED AP Architect specializing in Seismic Retrofits and Soft Story Ordinance
Seismic Retrofits, Wood Frame Seismic Retrofit, San Francisco, Soft Story Ordinance, San Francisco Bay Area, LEED AP, Architect, San Francisco Bay Area Architect
Seismic Retrofits, Wood Frame Seismic Retrofit, San Francisco, Soft Story Ordinance, San Francisco Bay Area, LEED AP, Architect, San Francisco Bay Area Architect

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in remodeling my home or business but am not sure about how much I can afford, what the city will allow and how much time to allow for the process. Can your firm help?

Successful remodel can greatly improve your comfort and the value of your home or business.  Good planning is required and typically involves you the owner and a team of experienced professionals; such as an architect, engineer and builder. Typically the architect understands the entire process best and can provide initial general information.  Consultations are available to help you plan the process and get the most out of your project.

Can you prepare conceptual design studies to help me evaluate options I am considering for changes to my home or business?

Yes, we provide conceptual designs that can be usfull for initial planning.  The designs can be develpoed by us or by an owner to work with builders, engineers or other designers to complete a project.  We also provide full architectural services.

What is your favorite architectural style?

Our approach generally is to evaluate the context and preferences of our client and the develop a style that responds to both while taking into account new materials and construction techniques. We appreciate many architectural styles when they are done well.

How large a project does your firm work on?

Our work is focused on projects where we can provide a degree of personal attention to all the details.  We have the ability to expand our teams based on a network of collaborators to address larger projects typically up to 50, 000 square feet.

I am thinking of making changes to my home or business and would like to have a master plan prepared and define a phased approach to the changes. Is this something your firm can help me with?

Yes, master planning in an very effective way to avoid piecemeal changes that may result in lost opportunities.  We can assist by mapping out existing conditions and working with you to define how your changes can be accomplished to best meet your needs today and in the future.

About The Studio

Studio Robbins Cortina is an architecture and interiors firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work closely with each client to understand and define their needs before developing designs that are appropriate responses to the challenges and opportunities of the site.  Underpinning our approach is a holistic process that starts with the general and moves to the specific ensuring that the end result is a comprehensive solution.  We are dedicated to high quality design that responds to our client’s needs while contributing positively to the environment and community.

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